Teach English as a Foreign Language

Teaching English is one the most amazing ways to discover the world! You will tread through exotic backstreets, pick up foreign languages, bargain at colorful markets, and share laughter, friendships and experiences in a way the typical tourist never can.

It Opens the World For You

This happens by living and working within a community outside of the tourist bubble. This way, you get to see what life’s really like. You’re not limited to just one place either – with a TEFL certificate you can teach in over 40 countries!

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Travel Far

People around the world want to learn English


Teach abroad

Complete your course on your own time


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Study According to Your Schedule

Life is busy. We get that. That’s why our 120 Hour course was created for people on the go. No set schedules, and no cumbersome commutes required. You can study from anywhere with an internet connection and a computer, tablet or cell phone. Freedom!


Professional Qualification

TEFL stands for “Teaching English as a Foreign Language”. It is a universal certification which demonstrates your ability to teach English. It is an industry recognized qualification, and opens the doors to high paying positions around the world. In some countries, a TEFL is required when applying for a work permit. Best of all, it is affordable, and it never expires. Win win!


For Life

Your TEFL certification never expires


Jobs Galore

Practical training that gets you employed and earning; fast


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Learn Practical Job Ready Skills

Don’t pay for training that racks up debt and gets you nowhere. Our 120 Hour TEFL costs under $300 and includes free job placement services. We’ve had grads go from enrollment to flying abroad for a high paying position in less than two months time. With benefit packages exceeding $3,000 per month in countries with low costs of living, it’s easy to see why teaching English abroad is a great choice.

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