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With one of the most dynamic, fast growing economies in the world, Vietnam is truly a land of opportunity. Modern bustling cities exist side-by-side with tiny hill-tribe villages – a true traveller’s paradise.

Be a part of this vibrant land – live there, teach there, immerse yourself in this ancient culture. myTEFL can help get you there. Our job placement service will connect you directly with reputable schools. We will take care of the details so you don’t have to!

About life in Vietnam:

Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. The world’s 14th most populated country, it also has a surprisingly youthful population. Almost two-thirds of the current population was born after 1975!

Occupied by both the Chinese and Japanese at various times, colonised by France, and ravaged by civil war, modern Vietnam has embraced the best from these different cultures. Both the Chinese occupation as well as French colonisation have left a lasting impact on Vietnamese culture, with Confucianism influencing Vietnamese social norms, and the French influencing Vietnamese cuisine. Ooo la la!

And there’s plenty for the adventurous at heart – take a motorbike adventure tour, take a cruise ship to Halong Bay, crawl through the Cu Chi Tunnels. Or simply relax on one of Vietnam’s gorgeous beaches.

Or, if you are a foodie, enjoy the best bowl of Pho you’ve ever tasted, devour rice pancakes stuffed with shrimp, beef and sprouts, sip crab sour soup, or any of the epicurean delights Vietnam has to offer.

The Vietnamese are extremely friendly, and love meeting new people, especially from different cultures, and learning from them.

So, if a growing economy, interesting culture, amazing food and adventure among some friendly people sounds exciting to you, ask us to get you to Vietnam!

Employment packages:

Teaching jobs in Vietnam are available throughout the year and come with a great perks. The average teaching packages start at between $1400 – $1800 USD per month and include a housing stipend, health insurance, work permit sponsorship, and 16 – 22 vacation days per year. With super low living costs, this package is a smart choice for those looking to teach and save while having a blast.

“One of my most fun memories in Vietnam is Karaoke Night at my Vietnamese school principal’s house.

I had been warned again and again about the dangers of ‘karaoke’ bars in the city, so when my principal invited me for karaoke night at his house, I jumped at the opportunity. I’m a bit of a ‘rock star’ back home with a garage band.

Dressed up in ripped jeans and a Nirvana t-shirt, I was solemnly greeted at the door by my principal in his usual dress pant and button down shirt. I entered a traditionally decorated living room filled with a bunch of serious-looking young Vietnamese formally dressed. Feeling a bit of an idiot, I smiled widely at everyone, hoping to win them over with my winning personality.

Everybody nibbled politely at the platters of snacks served by our sweet and polite hostess, and then started on the beer. Half an hour later, our host walked proudly to a big karaoke machine, wheeled it to the centre of the wall, and with a flourish whipped off the flowered cloth that kept off the all-pervading dust. And then the fun began.

All the solemn guests turned into banshees, shrieking and singing at the top of their lungs, completely out of tune, to the incomprehensible music that jumped out from the machine. Then they each took turns dancing and prancing and singing and making total asses of themselves. I could not wait my turn to show off my impressive skills – and honestly compared to them, I was a true Adam Levine! But it was not to be! The karaoke machine was programmed with only Vpop. But, like any true professional, I sang my heart out – singing all my favourite rock songs to the accompaniment of Vietnamese music! The other guests looked completely bewildered at first, but then sportingly (and loudly) started singing the very few Western songs they knew over and over – Thriller, We Will Rock You, Friends, and Pokerface. All to Vpop in the background! The din was deafening, but soon everybody was having the time of their life. Nothing breaks the ice faster than alcohol and men making fools of themselves!

Next morning at school, the principal and I were back on employee/boss terms, although I found it very difficult to look him in the eye and pretend I had not seen him prance around to Thriller. ”

Includes img
  • pre-departure information and advice
  • work visa sponsorship
  • starting salaries of 32,000,000 – 41,000,000 VND ($1400 – $1800 USD)
  • accommodation allowance of 6,450,000 VND per month ($285 USD)
  • contract completion bonus of 10,750.000 VND ($470 USD)
  • 18 teaching hours per week
  • 16 – 22 vacation days per year
  • health insurance included
Requirements img
  • 120 Hour myTEFL Certificate
  • native English speaker from the US, UK, CA, AU, NZ, IR, ZA
  • bachelor degree
  • between 22 and 55 years old
  • criminal background check
  • 12 month contract
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Teaching jobs in Vietnam are available throughout the year and come with a great perks. The average teaching packages start at around $1400 per month and will include an accommodation allowance, bonuses and holidays. Thanks to low living costs , most teachers can save working in Vietnam!

Earn a great salary as you explore vibrant Vietnam!

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