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Teaching English in Spain

Spain – the very name evokes fearless matadors, graceful flamenco dancers, historical architecture, beaches, and so much more. Experience the world’s third most popular tourist destination, not as a tourist, but from the inside. Let myTEFL place you in sunny Spain, and experience the true spirit of Spain – Barriga Ilena, Corazon contento – A full belly and a happy heart!

About life in Spain:

Spain’s radically different conquerors brought radically different influences to this country, shaping its unique modern day culture. Occupied by Iberians, Celts, Basques, Phoenicians and Greeks among others, it was conquered by the Romans, then by the Germanic Suebi, then by the Byzantines, and then the Moors, until they were vanquished by the Castile-Aragon forces that shaped modern Spain. No wonder Spain is home to 46 recognised World Heritage Sites.

Spain is the most visited country in Europe, with millions of tourists thronging there to enjoy the plethora of unique experiences it offers.

If you are an art lover, take a trip to the museum and check out the works of Velazquez, Picasso, and Goya. Or if you want real adventure, run with the bulls in Pamplona! If crazy messy fun is your thing, engage in a tomato fight during La Tomatina! Learn how to do the flamenco, or attend the Sonar and Benicassim music festivals each summer. And of-course Spain is a veritable paradise for foodies with its amazing seafood and local soups and stews. Spanish bars serve delicious squid, octopus, and mushroom tapas along with gallons of local red wine – accompanied by fresh crusty bread dipped in olive oil! Or, you can just relax and enjoy a lazy siesta on one of Spain’s 8000 beaches under the warm Spanish sun…

myTEFL can help make it all happen for you in Spain! Viva Espana!

Employment packages:

Teaching jobs in Spain start in September and come with great perks. The average teaching packages start at between $565 – $1100 USD per month (amount depends on whether you choose provided housing or not), access to national health insurance, visa assistance, and all local holidays. In addition, you will receive advanced teacher training to supplement your own classes! You will have great support throughout your contract and relatively low teaching hours.

“I met my boyfriend while teaching in Spain, so I guess that would be my best experience. 😊

But, this amazing day we spent in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter really stands out in my mind. I am a history buff, and the Gothic Quarter is over 2000 years old, so I definitely had to go there. There is just so much to see, it is overwhelming! Actually we got kind of lost for a while, which was the best thing ever, as we stumbled upon some really gorgeous alleys and backstreets and squares. The entire area is packed with historical squares!

Armed with a guide-book (I am always prepared!) we first visited El Call – the Jewish Quarter. Here you see the narrowest streets ever, with some of the darkest, most sinister history from back to medieval times. They looked quite creepy to me! Then we checked out the Roman and Medieval Walls, the Placa del Pi – where artists painted in the open air and sold their work to the tourists, The Gothic Cathedral (Dracula would have loved it!), and we topped it off with a meal at the famous Quim eatery at the Le Boqueria market. Squid and stuffed mushroom caps with local white wine! Wow!

After checking out the Gothic Quarter’s trendy boutiques (expensive!!!), we headed towards the Placa Reial, all lit up with Antonio Gaudi’s antique street lights, and then danced and drank tons of the local wine until late at night!

Added bonus – I got an amazing tan! ”

Laura F.

Includes img
  • pre-departure information and advice
  • rent-free accommodation option
  • visa assistance
  • salary of $1050 USD p/m or $550 USD p/m and homestay accommodations with meals
  • 20 teaching hours per week
  • Advanced one-year teacher training program
  • Christmas and Easter break, local/regional holidays and long weekends
  • access to the Spanish Social Security health care
Requirements img
  • 120 Hour myTEFL Certificate
  • US, UK, CA, AU, NZ, IR, SA, EU passport
  • Be a recent graduate (obtained your degree within the past four years)
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • criminal background check
  • one school year contract
  • €850 deposit fully refunded
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Teaching jobs in Spain are only available for a September start and fill up fast, so apply early! The average teaching packages start at around $565/$1100 per month. A spectacular destination full of culture and amazing food, Spain is an excellent choice for those seeking a gap year abroad.

Earn a great salary as you explore vibrant Spain!

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