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Teaching English in Hong Kong

One of the Four Asian Tigers, Hong Kong has a high-income economy driven by an industrialised manufacturing sector alongside an excellent service industry. Colonised by the British, Hong Kong offers a strange blend of Eastern and Western flavour in every aspect of life. Dim Sum co-exists with Haute Cuisine, martial arts movies (starring local actors like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan) alongside the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra! Experience this ‘Fragrant Harbour’ as you travel and teach in Hong Kong through our special myTEFL job placement service. We take care of the details, so you don’t have to!

About life in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most important trading ports and financial centres in the world. Its physical location and natural harbour make is the world’s second busiest cargo port and the world’s busiest airport for cargo transport.

Did you know that Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers in the world? Twice as many as New York? (And yet, more than 40% of the country is covered with parks and nature preserves.) And that it has more Roll Royce cars per person than any other city in the world? Hong Kong is home to the fiercest typhoons, and some of the richest tycoons!

History buffs can go watch the Noon Day Gun in Causeway Bay fired at 12 noon each day, continuing a tradition from colonial times. Or the Bun Festival each April and May, when a special tall tower of buns is erected to satisfy hungry ghosts residing on the island.

Foodies can enjoy local delights like egg tarts and pineapple buns (which actually contain no pineapple at all!) as well as the cheapest Michelin-starred food on the planet.

Let myTEFL introduce you to Hong Kong, and all the diversity and excitement this Fragrant Harbour has to offer!

Employment packages:

Teaching jobs in Hong Kong are available throughout the year and come with a great perks. The average teaching packages start at between $2400- $2900 USD per month and will include airfare reimbursement, work permit sponsorship, health insurance, and paid vacation days. We’ll also help out with finding accommodations in Hong Kong. This is a great package for those who want a thriving, cosmopolitan urban environment full of food, fashion, culture and shopping.

Hong Kong Memory

“My best memory of Hong Kong definitely has to be the Easter Fun Celebration I set up for my Grade 1 class.
Although Hong Kong does hold well organised Easter egg hunts, it’s really not something done by local families at home. So, I decided to treat my Grade 1 class to some proper Easter Fun.
The day before, I brought two dozen hard boiled eggs to class with me along with tubes of paint, glitter, and glue. And soon my students were happy decorating their eggs. The boys turned their eggs into monsters (typical) with weird teeth and scary eyes. But the little girls really went crazy, decorating their eggs in Instagramworthy art pieces. We made a little confetti nest for each egg, and the students took them home to their parents.
On the day of the egg hunt, I got bags full of chocolate eggs and candy, and hid them all as well as I could in our classroom. Then, putting on some rabbit ears, a fluffy tail and furry slippers, I welcomed my students, who could not stop giggling (trying very politely to hide their giggles behind little hands raised to their mouth). I gave each of them a little basket and set them loose in the room. They went wild. There were excited yells and screams and a bit of jostling as well, as the kids filled their baskets. Once the hunt was over, my students all excitedly counted their loot. I was a bit dismayed – some kids had big grins and baskets full of candy, while some looked sad as their baskets were nearly empty. What followed next is what makes this day very special for me. One little girl shared a few of her eggs with a friend, and slowly, one-by-one, the students with full baskets offered some to the others. Soon all the kids had pretty much equal amounts of candy, and huge smiles on their faces! Our Easter Celebration was a total success.”

  • pre-departure information and advice
  • work visa sponsorship
  • starting salaries of 19,000 – 23,000 HKD ($2,400 – $2,900 USD)
  • airfare reimbursement
  • 24 vacation days per year
  • health insurance included
  • accommodation assistance
Requirements img
  • 120 Hour myTEFL Certificate
  • native English speaker from the US, UK, CA, AU, NZ, ZA, IR
  • bachelor degree (not required for CA, UK, AU, NZ citizens under 30 years of age)
  • between 22 and 50 years old
  • clean criminal background check
  • 12 month contracts
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Teaching jobs in Hong Kong are available throughout the year and come with a great perks. The average teaching packages start at around $2400 per month and will often include housing, airfare assistance and paid holidays. Thanks to low living costs , most teachers can save working in Hong Kong! 

Earn a great salary as you explore cosmopolitan Hong Kong!

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Full length photo
  • myTEFL 120 Hour certificate
  • scan of your degree
  • scan of your passport ID page
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