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Life of a myTEFL Intern in Myanmar

With the world shrinking at the rate it is today, it can be hard for adventurers to find places that are truly “wild” and relatively undisturbed by western civilization.


One such place is Myanmar. Only recently has this majestic land opened up to foreigners and our Teach in Myanmar Internship is a great way to explore one of the last untouched countries in Southeast Asia.




The internship consists of completing our 120 hour professional course from the comfort of your own home before flying out to Yangon for an exciting five day orientation. The orientation includes classes to help prepare you for your stay in Myanmar along with tons of fun cultural excursions and activities like Burmese boxing and monk-guided meditation.




Here’s what Elbert, one of our myTEFL interns in Myanmar has to say about the program;


“Living and working in Myanmar has absolutely been a worthwhile adventure. Even though I grew up in Asia and experienced the way of life here at a young age, teaching English has added so much valuable life experience that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Not only is it a valuable experience, but it was the perfect way to step out of my comfort zone. When I signed up to teach in Asia, I was worried that I wouldn’t have the skills to step into the classroom, especially since this would be my first time teaching. Breaking through those barriers of uncertainty wasn’t easy, especially in the last few weeks following up to my departure. But the changes I thought would lead to negative experiences were actually drowned out by the constant little positive changes I experienced on the way. In addition, the support from staff, other teachers and locals made my transition to Myanmar that much better; especially since many of them went through the same changes, and could relate to my concerns. Finally, teaching children has taught me a lot about discipline, patience and resilience, skills that I’m sure I will benefit me for the rest of my life!”




We’re glad you’re having a great time Elbert, happy TEFLing!


Click here for more information about our Teach in Myanmar Internship, a unique and fun program for the truly adventurous; no degree required!


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