Teaching Abroad Tips

How to find the best TEFL schools when hunting for a job

There are thousands upon thousands of TEFL schools out there. Big, small, successful, unknown, multinational, international, business, academic, college-related, state-run – you name it, they exist! That’s both good news and bad news for the newbie teacher. On the one hand, you’ve got oodles of potential employers – nice! On the other, you’ll need to…read on


5 ways to market yourself as an online TEFL teacher

It might be going from strength to strength as an industry, but the world of the online TEFL teacher is still a competitive one. And why not? Who wouldn’t want to teach their next English class from a hammock in Belize or beneath a palm tree in Bali? Cue this guide to getting your house…read on


8 reasons you should TEFL in your 30s

So, you’re thinking about undertaking a TEFL in your 30s? Go for it! Seriously, there might be no better decade of life to start considering a career change into the world of teaching English abroad. Why? Well, lots of reasons. From the added confidence that having navigated your 20s brings to the table to the…read on


6 ways to be a true TEFL professional

Show you’re a true TEFL professional by following the top tips below. They cover everything from bagging the right certificate to keeping your industry presence digital and accessible. Each is sure to up your game, get those applications extra efficient, and make you look and feel more the part in the world of teaching English…read on


5 tips for teaching English as a couple

While TEFL is often touted as a wild solo adventure that’s away from the comfort zone, hitting classrooms from Colombia to China doesn’t mean burning all your bridges. In fact, teaching English as a couple is way more common than you might think. Loads of folk plan to head off as a duo and start…read on


5 great ways to organize your TEFL classroom

Loads is written about teaching methods, teaching games, lead-in activities, and disciplinary techniques. But what about when the time comes to actually organize your TEFL classroom? There you stand; 12 desks and umpteen chairs, a class of unruly kids waiting outside the door. Just how do you expect to place them, and will it affect the way…read on

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