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By: Rayna Abernethy     Let’s face it, Shanghai in the summer can be a sweaty mess; especially for a cold loving Canadian like myself. When July rolls around, ice cream and sleeping in front of the air conditioner can only do so much. If you’re looking to escape the Shanghai summer melt, or are…read on


An area guide for Beijing English teachers

The sprawling, buzzing energy of the Chinese capital draws hundreds of Beijing English teachers every year. They come for the abundance of jobs in reputable state and private schools (with salaries of up to $3,900 USD/month, mind you) and the low-cost of living. But most of all, they come for the lemongrass-infused noodles, the Peking…read on


10 things to know about TEFL in China

So, you’re thinking of TEFL in China? Great news! This enthralling land of Taoist shrines, tea fields and throbbing cities promises to be one to remember. But before you go; just a few pointers to remember:     China is massive   Okay, so you might already have a buddy teaching in the historic city…read on


Take the Plunge – My Experience Teaching in China

  When a person looks back at their life there are certain watershed moments. Moments that mark a distinct change in life direction, in character development; a moment personal and professional avenues for future development opened. The decision to teach abroad in China can be one of those moments. It certainly was for me and—from…read on


8 bucket-list things to do while teaching in China

From the winding courses of the Great Wall to the sizzling pork kebabs of Shanghai, the bucket-list treats of the People’s Republic are multitudinous. That’s why we’ve put together this selection of must-do things for all those TEFL-ers teaching in China… See the Great Wall (obviously) First thing’s first, as they say. And what could…read on


Real Chinese Food: 6 must-eats in Hangzhou

Hardial is an English language teacher, currently living and working in Hangzhou, China. Stay tuned for all her latest tips and adventures! I want to use today’s post to share with you the number one best thing about living in China: the FOOD! Although many Western countries have a plethora of Chinese restaurants to choose…read on


Making Friends with Expats and Locals!

When I first moved to China to work, I came with my boyfriend and some of his friends. The group we came here with were all from the same city in Canada, and were tightly knit. So much so that they had little interest in meeting others or even getting to know Hangzhou. Because of this,…read on


Teaching Overseas: My first year in China!

This week we’re welcoming a new member to our blogging team! Hardial is a Canadian expat who’s just completed her first year of teaching overseas. Stay tuned for more insight and stories of life  in China! I have been teaching in Hangzhou, China for a year now. I began teaching at a Montessori preschool as…read on


Teach in Beijing: Camping on the Great Wall

The Great Wall of China is something which makes it onto everyone’s bucket list. But most who actually visit end up going to the tourist traps of Badaling or Mutianyu… When you get there, you arrive on a bus in a dusty car park. You queue up, pay 100RMB to enter, then make your way…read on


Teach in China: How to really learn the culture

Here’s the thing about many foreigners that live and teach in China. They don’t learn the language, and don’t take time to learn the culture. I don’t condone this kind of behavior, but I understand it… Our job is to teach English and  western culture. When someone goes to Pizza Hut, they think of inviting…read on

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