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Pros and Cons of Traveling While Teaching English Online

Guest post by Darah and Garrett from     It’s now been more than a year since we packed our bags and left the USA to teach English abroad. Our plan was to teach English in Taiwan for 12 months and then hit the road a little longer before returning home.   However, after…read on



By: Rayna Abernethy     Let’s face it, Shanghai in the summer can be a sweaty mess; especially for a cold loving Canadian like myself. When July rolls around, ice cream and sleeping in front of the air conditioner can only do so much. If you’re looking to escape the Shanghai summer melt, or are…read on


5 Reasons to Teach English in Indonesia

Indonesia, at glance, might look like any other tropical South East Asian country, with its beautiful beaches, exotic foods and friendly people. However, there is much more to this nation than meets the initial eye. Indonesia is a vast country with 16,056 islands, providing a wealth of diversity. It also means there are large areas…read on


What are the differences between British and American English?

The differences between British and American English go beyond the accent. Here are some of the ways that people from the US and UK differ in speaking and understanding the English language.     It’s clearly the same language, but why do Brits and Americans sound so distinct from each other?   If you’re a…read on


Take the Plunge – My Experience Teaching in China

  When a person looks back at their life there are certain watershed moments. Moments that mark a distinct change in life direction, in character development; a moment personal and professional avenues for future development opened. The decision to teach abroad in China can be one of those moments. It certainly was for me and—from…read on


5 things I learned while teaching in Thailand

After a year spent teaching in the humid reaches of Southeast Asia’s Land of Smiles, I look back on my time in the classroom with real joy. Not only was it an opportunity to hone my EFL skills in a real world environment, but the experience taught me loads about a different culture, language and…read on


English Teaching Destinations Around the World

I’m Rachel, an ex-English teacher and now part of the MyTEFL job placement team. With this position I specialize in helping new TEFL course graduates find great teaching jobs overseas. One thing I’ve learnt in this position is that everyone has their own reasons for choosing to teach English – excitement, adventure, money. The list goes on. However…read on


The 3 things you need to teach in the Himalayas

This week’s post is written by Ashley Mathews who previously taught English in the Himalayas and now works for our incredible partner charity Trek to Teach. If you’re interested in teaching English overseas, and have begun doing your research, you’re likely familiar with some of the great destinations you can teach at. Favorites such as…read on


6 Reasons You Should Teach This Summer

If you’ve been pining for that next adventure and looking to ditch the nine-to-five, then why not consider opting for a summer teaching program? With opportunities in summer camps, private schools and other institutions now on offer right across the planet, from the sunny climes of Southeast Asia to the exotic cities of South America,…read on


Foreigner Hangouts in Hangzhou

Hardial is an English language teacher, currently living and working in Hangzhou, China. Stay tuned for all her latest tips and adventures! As I mentioned in my last post, while in China, one should definitely be eating Chinese food. Most Western restaurants I’ve encountered here are awful – they are always pricey, and are usually…read on

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