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5 signs that you’re taking a reputable TEFL course

Making sure you score a reputable TEFL course is super important. That’s not just because you’ll want to finish with a certificate that’s recognized around the globe, but also because you want to ensure you learn as much as you can before standing in front of a class of English learners. These pointers should help you find that bona fide teaching program you deserve…


Reputable TEFL course
A person writing | Green Chameleon/Unsplash


It’s accredited


Perhaps the single most important aspect of a reputable TEFL course is its accreditation. It’s no secret that the EFL industry is big, so expect a significant number of providers with totally unregulated and unchecked offerings. You can usually tell them apart from the crowd because they tend to flash the promise of high-paid positions at the end of training courses that will cost you next to nothing. Much better are the ones that are watched over by international bodies. Some common accreditors to look out for are OTTSA (who manage online courses), Cambridge University (who run the CELTA), and IATQUO (responsible for regulating courses in Western Europe).


The course content makes sense


You wouldn’t buy a fridge that heated up your food. You probably wouldn’t trust a car that came with cotton-candy for an engine. So, why would any reputable TEFL course not make sense? The best training programmes out there rely on meticulously planned and well-written course material. They’re designed to give you a grounding in all the ins and outs of the teaching industry, from class discipline to grammar. If things don’t add up when you’re learning, then not only is it a sure sign that something’s amiss, but you’re not going to get the know-how you need to start teaching around the world!


reputable TEFL course
Man on headphones by his laptop | Wes Hicks/Unsplash


There’s snappy customer service


Any reputable TEFL course is likely to be sold by a reputable TEFL company. It’s normal for the program to come with close technical and customer support, not to mention all sorts of extras, like help getting a job or placement once you’re qualified. This should be easy to check before you dive in and buy. You just need to shoot a message over to a customer service representative, drop a line via Facebook, or give the company you’re thinking of buying from a quick call.


They aren’t free!


As with most things in life, we’d caution against the temptation of so-called ‘free’ programs. The likelihood is that free does not equal professional or reputable TEFL courses. That’s because good service and helpful content requires investment and dedicated teams of pros. What’s more, the vast majority of TEFL positions out there ask for a certificate that’s internationally recognized. That brings us back to point one: accreditation. Providers that don’t charge a cent usually aren’t regulated or checked by any industry experts.


Reputable TEFL courses
Travel influencers and experts can recommend reputable TEFL courses | Humphrey Muleba/Unsplash


Industry experts/veteran travelers recommend it


It might be a travel magazine, an influencer, a blogger, or just your backpacking mate who’s been TEFL teaching for years, but a recommendation goes a long way in this field. After all, who could possibly be more qualified to say something’s legit or not than the people who’ve already been there and done it? We’ve got our own big-hitter ambassadors: Check out Goats on the Road or Drew Binsky to see some for yourself.



If you have any more pointers to add to this list of things that indicate you’re on a reputable TEFL course, we’d love to hear them in the comments below. Alternatively, be sure to check out our courses – all of which are totally accredited, recommended, and backed up by great customer service!

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