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10 reasons Europe and TEFL are a match made in heaven

There are more reasons why Europe and TEFL are a match made in heaven than you can shake a pile of tomato-topped tagliatelle at. We’ve only got time for 10 of them, but perhaps you’ll be reaching for the passport, the beret, and the beach gear by the end… 


Europe and TEFL
Food in Europe | JRF/myTEFL


The food


From the pizza pies of Italia to the pierogi dumplings of Poland, the blue cheeses of France to the patatas bravas of Spain, there’s hardly a dull moment for the taste buds on the continent. When it comes to Europe and TEFL, that means some darn fine lunchbreaks and evenings out with your teacher pals.


The pay


Europe has one of the most solid pay scales for TEFL teaching in the world. Granted, it’s not the soaring salaries of the Middle East or Japan, but schools offer healthy packages in these parts. It’s usually enough to enjoy your chosen destination to the fullest and perhaps even set aside some savings every month. 


Europe and TEFL
People in Europe | JRF/myTEFL


The people


Dutch pancake cooks and Twirling Dervishes, Portuguese surfers and sun-seeking Croats, romantic French and passionate Italians – there are all sorts of people to meet on the continent of Europe. Get ready to enjoy some excellent company wherever you choose to go.


The nightlife


It’s no secret that TEFL teachers are known to partake in a little tipple to top off a week in the classroom. In Europe, staff parties and end-of-term shindigs are sure to be off the hook. Whether you’re shooting vodkas in Krakow’s underground basements or glugging sangria on the shores of the Med, you’ll want to practice your ‘cheers!’ for this one. 


Europe and TEFL
Barcelona | Daniel Corneschi/Unsplash




Ask any group of newcomer teachers with their heart set on Europe and TEFL and you can bet that Barcelona will be mentioned plenty of times. There’s just something enigmatic and alluring about this city of tapas and golden beaches that always draws the eye. Who wouldn’t want to start that new life abroad between the spires of Guadi’s La Sagrada Familia and the cobbled alleys of the Gothic Quarter?


Abundance of jobs


The Euro hiring season starts in the early summer for a term beginning in September and October. It’s a field day for TEFL graduates, who come from far and wide to score jobs on the continent. And there are lots of those jobs up for grabs, what with thousands of private, business, and state institutions looking for native speakers to add to their staff. 


Europe and TEFL
Beaches in Europe | JRF/myTEFL


The beaches


The beaches in Europe are simply stunning. There’s also one darn varied selection to pick from. Portugal’s got wave-lashed surf beaches in Peniche; Italy’s got the long rivieras of Rimini; Greece has got hidden lagoons and pebble coves from the Saronic Gulf to southern Crete. It’s endless!


Summer camps


Taking a TEFL job in a European summer camp is one of the best ways to dip your hand in the industry; to see if teaching is for you. There are oodles of opportunities, from young learner’s weeks in wood-built lodges in the Swiss Alps to urban stays in Madrid and Barcelona. Decent pay and guaranteed teaching experience are all part of the offering.


Europe and TEFL
Europe Mountains | JRF/myTEFL


The mountains


Move over Rockies – Europe is the home of the Alps. One of the most skiable and hike-ready ranges of peaks on the planet, they’re accessible from major TEFL destinations like Italy, France, and Germany with ease. And it doesn’t end there. From the Pyrenees to the Polish Tatras, there are snow-caked ski runs and pine-scented trails aplenty. 


A continent connected


Not only does Europe have some of the finest infrastructure on the globe, it’s also got one of the most advanced digital industries. On weekends away from the TEFL classroom, you could hit the local airport in Madrid and be touching down in southern Italy by late morning (and that’s just one example). What’s more, zippy internet links mean you can easily keep in contact with home – if you’re not too busy devouring crispy pizza, that is.



Europe and TEFL have always been the perfect match up. If you’re a veteran of teaching on the continent, tell us why you love it so much in the comments below. Alternatively, check out our courses page to get a-searching for that dream job abroad.

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